RecycleMania Week 3

Congratulations to Bliss Hall for winning the 3rd week of RecycleMania with .98 pounds of recyclables per person! This Monday at RHSA they will be awarded with a raffle ticket to be entered into the raffle for a Wii! Don’t be discouraged if you are not in Bliss Hall- there are still 7 more weeks (thats 7 more raffle tickets + the possibility to win overall best hall!) 


Go recycle something and help your hall win! 

Green Product of the Week

Ever wonder what kind of chemicals are in your laundry detergent?

Actually there can be lots of gross toxins that you do not want on your skin. Method laundry detergent is really great because it is not made of petroleum distillates, or napthas, like most normal detergents are made of. Its good to avoid petroleum distillates because they have been linked to cancer, lung damage and mucous membrane damage. 


Also its biodegradable, so it does not contaminate and pollute the earth once its done washing your clothing. Just because the detergent washed your clothing does not mean its done washing, the chemicals are still cleanin

g, and if your waste water is not sent to a treatment plant then its goodbye nemo! 

Also its concentrated so energy is not wasted shipping and packing water. Its only $8. Clean clothing, no more poisoned Nemos, no petroleum distillates and you can recycle the bottle when its empty!


Also you can save more energy by using cold water