Upcoming Events

SUNDAY April 19: NYPIRG’s Earth day celebration. Come and party for the planet! 

MONDAY April 20: Coffee Cup Demonstration near Humanities 

STARTING TUESDAY April 20: Paper Consumption Exhibit in the library 

WEDNESDAY April 22: Earth Day and Sustain 09′ Conference in LC 100

SATURDAY April 25: Rock Against Racism, check out the recycling club table and win prizes 

MAY: Reuse to Reduce

Field Trip!

Recycling Club took a trip to the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency 

Here are some photos from the trip!


This large container holds separated plastics. Starting from the right side there are: aluminum cans, HDPE (milk jugs), colored plastics (like laundry detergent), then PETE plastic # 1 (water bottles). This entire container is filled about every three days. 


The plastics are dumped onto this loading dock and then are lifted to the top of the garage 


On the Eddie Turnbelt  the recyclables  are then hand sorted and throw into the appropriate bin. The most valuable item is HDPE plastic #2, like a milk jug container 


The front of the photo is the plastics loading dock and behind it are all bales of cardboard and paper. The cardboard is put into a big compressing machine that can bale it up. Once baled all the recyclables are sold on the recycling market and then can be made into new things. 


This picture can help you understand why it is important to take the tops off of your bottles before recycling them! Here is a pile of glass shards from broken down glass jars and stuff but look at all the tops mixed in! This mixture is separated by a laser machine at another site. 


This machine grinds up glass products to texture as fine as……




Here is Shanya in front of a huge pile of recycled glass, which is just sand


Recycling Club at the UCRRA