Green of the Week

This summer is proving to be full of “Green of the Week” updates, I’ve just have been finding so much interesting information! If you have just a few minutes and are looking for another way to go green try trading in your Arial or Times fonts for something greener by dowloading the free Ecofont. Studded with tiny holes that are imperceptiable at 12 point size or below, the font uses 20 percent less ink when you print.


Here is a link to the website:

Green of the Week

This is the most AWESOME website ever, (besides green thinking of course)! Take a look here:

This website is a wonderful source for answering those “what chemicals are actually in this” types of questions. Many products are advertised as “green” or  healthy, but are actually not at all. The Good Guide can help clarify and identify the true green products. 

Here is an review by the NY Times

Pictures from Reuse 2 Reduce

Here are the pictures from Reuse to Reduce 2009! This year R2R was a great success and turned out to be our best year yet! As the students moved out of the dorms they were able to put stuff they no longer wanted but could still be used, in the main lounge. From there a crew of people from the Town of New Paltz, Recycling Club, Hall Governments and more moved all the stuff to the Community Center. We had two open sales where New Paltz residents were able to take what they wanted. Our efforts diverted a lot of stuff from landfills, helping New Paltz go green by lowering our overall carbon footprint. 

Check out the review in News Pulse  here: