Green Ideas for Spring 10′

Save money and the earth by not buying new notebooks this semester

Before buying new stuff check your room for those half used notebooks.

binder bender.

It’s back to school time! Which means new school supplies, fresh crayons, and all that good stuff. But here’s a thought: when was the last time you actually finished an entire notebook full of paper? And when we say finish, we mean use every sheet. It doesn’t happen often, and most people end up with more half-full paper binders than full ones. Next time you have a hankering to get a new one, check your shelves and stashes first and see if there’s one that’s been waiting for your love. Need to divorce yourself from your old thoughts? Prep an old half-full notebook by tearing out the pages and binding yourself a new one with a paper punch and a few fasteners. Add a cover from an old cereal box and now, you’re an eco-hipster!