Compost is fun

chillin’ with compost.

Don’t want to foot the bill or space for a kitchen-sized composting bin?  Love saving scraps, but can’t seem to battle flies?  There are many solutions for a saving your scraps in the kitchen that don’t require fancy equipment or a trip outdoors to the compost bin after every meal.  Recently, a few of our readers told us that they kept their food scraps in a larger tupperware container, so they just pop the top off and keep ‘em sealed for a couple of days before the run to their bigger bin.  Another few of our readers fill a compostable box and pop their scraps in the freezer, keeping flies and the smell away for a day or two.  You crafty compost kids! Way to keep up the good work while it’s cold – your warmer-weather planting will reward you soon.


Win a Toothbrush!

If you are looking for a free toothbrush that is not only recycled, but also made from recycled yogurt cups then you are in the right place! Simply comment on 3 of blogs posts and you have won a toothbrush!

You must be a student at SUNY New Paltz to participate

toothbrush_preserve2Recyclers keep their teeth clean!

Free Cycyle

Have you heard of free cycle? It’s a non-profit org where you post your “I have, I want” wishes on the Freecycle website.  EVERYTHING IS FREE – no selling allowed!  It provides a service that keeps millions of tons of stuff from the landfill and you can Freecycle almost anywhere in the world. Approximately 24,000 items a day are being freecycled.

The org is in the running to win 5K through a Pepsi project

Vote here

Watch here

have you ever freecycled anything? Share your stories with us! Comment below!