Bust A Rhyme, Week 5 RecycleMania Scores Are In!


Congratulations to Lenape Hall! Lenape residents recycled 1.94 pounds of recycling per person during the 5th week of the tournament! Bouton came in close with second place, while Deyo recycled the least per capita.


5 thoughts on “Bust A Rhyme, Week 5 RecycleMania Scores Are In!

  1. I don’t think our custodial staff is participating. We’ve been doing our own Recyclemania challenge within the dorm, and the weight has increased every week, but our dorm score is flat lined. Any way of sending a note out to all custodial staffs reminding them of this contest?


  2. Yea this year the competition is getting so much coverage. So many of my residents that usually never recycle are so excited about it!! I do have a question though…where do all the stats of recyclables for the academic buildings get recorded?

  3. They are recorded and I’ve got them in excel files that will be posted soon!