Compost is fun

chillin’ with compost.

Don’t want to foot the bill or space for a kitchen-sized composting bin?  Love saving scraps, but can’t seem to battle flies?  There are many solutions for a saving your scraps in the kitchen that don’t require fancy equipment or a trip outdoors to the compost bin after every meal.  Recently, a few of our readers told us that they kept their food scraps in a larger tupperware container, so they just pop the top off and keep ‘em sealed for a couple of days before the run to their bigger bin.  Another few of our readers fill a compostable box and pop their scraps in the freezer, keeping flies and the smell away for a day or two.  You crafty compost kids! Way to keep up the good work while it’s cold – your warmer-weather planting will reward you soon.


4 thoughts on “Compost is fun

  1. Depending on the scrap, you could just take it out into the woods. Apple peels/cores would make a nice winter snack for hungry animals. Orange rinds are not alright for this, nor are banana peels.

  2. I really want to start composting at my house and these are some great ideas. It always seemed like such a hassle before, but now I know its possible! : )

  3. “warmer-weather planting” sounds fantastic. I have a compost pile at my house and I like the idea of spreading the hype of this fun and easy way to save and reuse everything!

  4. I am using the Bokashi bin to put in my kitchen waste and scraps. Works great and does not smell. Also very satisfying to see my kitchen waste being reduced a lot.