Don’t Drill!

President Obama and Interior Secretary Salazar announced a significant expansion of offshore drilling. According to the New York Times, this move is in part a concession to oil companies.

From the New York Times:
“The new plan now grants one of the biggest items on the oil industry’s wish list – access to vast areas of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling.” 1

This isn’t what coastal residents want–more drilling threatens health, wildlife, and decades of community struggles to keep our coastal areas safe. Not only that–more drilling means more Carbon pumping into the atmosphere, when what we really need to do is rapidly move away from fossil fuels.

This is a step backward, there’s no question about it, and it doesn’t even need to happen.

Will you take immediate action to urge President Obama and your elected officials to scale back their offshore drilling ambitions?


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One thought on “Don’t Drill!

  1. The worst thing about this is he got NOTHING in return for this. No agreement on cap & trade, no new emissions restrictions, nothing. The same thing for the Nuclear plants earlier this year.

    As much as I didn’t want new drilling it should have been kept in reserve as a ‘you vote for cap & trade and we’ll let you drill’.