Garbage Moguls

This TV show looks hilarious! Has anyone ever watched it on the National Geographic Channel?


“Recycling gets a makeover with a quirky group of young “eco-capitalists” at TerraCycle, Inc. Using only materials found in the trash, the team will transform cereal boxes into notebooks, newspaper into pencils and cookie wrappers into kites.” Read more here

Green Product Review: Reachable Batteries

Do you use a lot of electronics that require batteries? Remotes, fans, game controllers, clocks, cameras and the like create more electronic waste than meets the eye. A way to reduce your impact on the earth while still enjoying your TV remote is to simply switch to rechargeable batteries! Not only are you preventing more heavy metals from ending up in a landfill, reachable batteries last much longer than normal ones.

Recycling batteries is very important, but reducing the number of batteries we consume is even better.

Find out more on batteries and electronics in this video: Story of Stuff

Suck It


In 2006, the Great Canadian Shore Cleanup tidied the country’s waterways and found almost 28,000 plastic straws and coffee stirrers in over 80,000 kg of garbage! What a waste. Guess what’s made from polypropylene, which means it can’t be recycled? You guessed it: straws!  Since polypropylene is strong, it can be transformed into a new product, however. For instance, waste straws in Uganda are collected from beer and drink depots then cleaned and woven into mats for picnics and prayers or joined together to form bags.

If you aren’t willing to part with your straw habit, then try a reusable one made of glass or bamboo. Some are hard to clean, though, so you might want to look for ones that come with tiny cleaning brushes. We hate to say that an unclean straw can get wormy, but it can and the only worms you want in your kitchen are the ones in the compost bucket.

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