Cardboard Furniture!

Households and offices often discard unwanted furniture rather than seeking ways of reusing and/or redistributing these materials. Furniture products are regularly discarded as the price of furniture is so cheap, people don’t mind throwing it away once they are done with it. Tons of “starter furniture” finds it’s way to landfill every year. If you are looking for furniture to only use for a short amount of time check out cardboard furniture! It’s comfortable, fairly cheap and recyclable when you are done with it!


The other day an article about Freegan living was on the front page of the and I thought you might be intresed to learn about people that basically live out of other’s garbage bins! Although my mom does not agree with me I think Freegans are AWESOME!

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“Freeganism is often described as a recent phenomenon, but its premises date back at least to Gerrard Winstanley, a 17th-century English cloth seller.”

“One main gripe that freegans have with American society is just how much food we waste. In his book “Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal,” Tristram Stuart writes that American households, retailers and vendors waste about 40 million tons of food each year.”


HELP the Clean Air Act stay strong!Go to the link below and automatically send a letter to your senators to prevent a new bill from removing clean air act’s power! It takes literally 30 seconds, what a nice way to be productive on a lazy summer day.

Tell your senators to stop any effort to gut the Clean Air Act and vote ‘no’ on Murkowski’s Dirty Air Act this week