Green of the Week

Did you know that the custodial staff here at New Paltz uses a microfiber cloths that can be reused instead of paper towels or other disposable cleaning products? Awesome! The chemicals used by the custodial staff are also earth-friendly and the department makes a great effort to have a small carbon footprint. Thanks to Pat Dewitt for all her hard work!

GREEEN of the week= write a letter!

Since homework is light this week why not use some of your free time to write a letter or even an email?!

Sometimes our favorite products are like adorable pets that pee on the furniture: we love them, but we don’t love their filthy habit. Wasteful packaging is annoying, unnecessary and more expensive to produce. If your must-have products come with a whole lotta extra, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! Tell your favorite companies to drop their wasteful ways with this cheerful form letter template”.

Check out this letter for a good example.

Welcome Back!

Hello Everyone and welcome back to school! It’s amazing the summer went so quick!

Interested in joining Recycling Club? Our first GI meeting will be on Monday September 12th or 19th at 8pm in SU401. More details and an 100% sure  date are on the way!

Look out for some Recycling Club promotions happening soon!

Join recycling Club and help change this!

This company is #1 at #2

From their website “We work with various conservation parks (and mahouts) to gather the dung poo (which is full of fibrous material and makes great paper). We then process the dung into

paper sheets from which our productsproductsare made. The more we sell to customers like you and to stores across the country and around the world world…the more we can contribute as a portion of the profits from each item you buy is contributed to elephant welfare and conservation programs!

Did you know that one elephant can generate up to 300 pounds of poop per day?!


“If you’re ready to enjoy some hot fun in the summertime, don’t forget to protect yourself from harmful Ultraviolet Rays.”

“Protect yourself from the sun, but keep it sexy for the environment. Skip products containing the Big 4 of harsh sunscreen chemicals: octinoxate, oxybenzone and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor — and the preservative butylparaben. Consider using products that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide instead.”