The Perfect Storm

Event on Campus, tonight!

“The Perfect Storm: The Environmental Crisis plus Endless Wars and Global Poverty”
Wednesday, October 27 at 7:00pm
Coykendall Science Building Auditorium

A Panel Discussion with
SUNY faculty:
Brian Obach, Department of Sociology
Kate McCoy, Department of Educational Studies
Irwin Sperber, Department of Sociology
Salvatore Engel-DiMauro, Department of Geography

Community Activists:
Donna Goodman
Ariana Basco
Ann Guenther
Jack A. Smith

Organized by: Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter and Peace
and Social Progress Now
Campus sponsor: Environmental Task Force

The Environmental Consortium 2010!

We went to the Environmental Consortium! The conference was eye-opening and so informative! Wow! There were quite a few New Paltz students at the conference! Mike Eiger, Julia Wislon, Katie Andrews,Kelly Drummond, Callie Larson, Alex Fisher, Lauren Brois, Sarah Lebarron, Cami Tillman, Gina Gentile and Michelle McGrath Here we are with Professor Obach and the famous Farmer Dan!

Day One of the event! Kathryn Peartree, Kevin Mueller, Dana Moss, Callie Larson, Lauren Brois and Julia Wilson