Have you see Sojo?

Recycling Club would like to invite you to the Sojourner Truth Library Lobby to learn all about recycling! Half of the display will be taken down on Tuesday night so if you have not seen the boards yet, it’s time to pay Sojo a visit!

Find information on the following topics

What is Trash? by Julia Wilson

What does Biodegradable really mean? by Dana Moss and Kate Montelione

How much paper do we consume? by Gina Gentile

How is New Paltz Green?  & Green Tips for a Sustainable lifestyle by Callie Larson

Green Architecture & What is LEED certification? by Kelly Drummond

What do all the plastic numbers mean? by Lauren Brois

What is the value of recycling? by Alyse Weber and Mellisa Minski

How can I recycle at New Paltz? By Jimmy Martin

How can I recycle special stuff at New Paltz? By Cassanda Pool

What’s going on with water? By Michelle McGrath and Leslie Cutting

How do I get in contact with NPRecycles? by Lauren Brois

Also find: A preview  of some of the items from the craft fair by Alex Fisher and Marykate Nagy

A diorama about deforestation by Kevin Mueller

Recycling Club bios by Katie Andrews and Alex Fisher

A look into Recycling Club by Katie Andrews

A space to ask questions or leave comments by Dana Moss

Information on composting and composting at New Paltz by Kelly Drummond

A recap of our UCRRA trip and the Water Consumption Demonstration

Click here to find a link to our photo album of the event, you can also view all the boards this way!

learn your EBC’s

“You learned your ABC’s a long time ago, but do you know your EBC’s? Everything But Cars, of course! Sure, sometimes you have to drive a car, and if you do a car commute, try scheduling one day a week for traveling in everything but. There are so many options to choose: buses, subways, bikes, scooters, rollerskates, or even your own two feet. Better yet, try a new form of transport every week to see what suits you best”

- greenissexy.org