Field Trip! To a Landfill!

Sounds crazy we know! We are driving and staying overnight in a hotel in a nearby town and then taking a tour of the landfill early on Wednesday. We are taking the tour from a van that will drive around secure areas.

The Date is TBD- put in your input! We want to go during finals

Recycling Club is going to take a further look into the environmental and economic impacts of landfills as well as alternatives to landfill disposal of solid waste. You don’t have to be in the club to come along! Message Lauren or post on the event if you are interested in coming alongSeneca Meadows Wetlands Preserve & Environmental Education Center


3-D RecycleMania Scoreboard!

The 3-D RecycleMania Scoreboard premiered last Tuesday, with the results up to week 5. Lenape is in first place with 2.05 pounds of recycling per capita, for the last five weeks. Esopus is not far behind with 1.98 pounds of recycling per capita. Our middle range scores are very similar- giving all the halls a great chance of pulling ahead and becoming the 2011 champs for a grand prize PARTY and 400 DOLLARS from RHSA! woah!

What residence hall do you think will win? Place your bets and win a RecycleMania button or pencil made from recycled money! Stop by Recycling Club next monday at 7 pm, su 402 to pick up your prize. (All bets will earn you a prize!)

Is your Sport Team Green?

Greening the Team: Will Fans Follow Suit?

“Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental advocacy organization, has decided that sports might be the most effective arena for taking the conservation message straight to the public.”

what do you think about this article? Is the sports area an appropriate place for environmentally sustainable practices?

Did you know, our NP Gym has solar panels on it! The entire Wellness Center also does a great job recycling!

Powershift Update

This event is currently in the works.

-partial hotel covered by SA (3 hotel rooms are booked/ meaning 6 people to a room. who’s bringing the aero beds?)
– registration for 17 people
– still need: major gas money, some more of the hotel room, extra fees will be decided by SA and BFC (ie: metro cards, parking fee, toll prices)

You will be responsible for paying for your own food. this is not a conference that gives away free food so we suggest packing some snacks and lunches.
MESSAGE Lauren for your secret code to sign up w/ powershift
*feel free to pick whatever conference type you like

more info here:

if you want very, very specific info we can email you the official pricing powerpoint. email