Recycle… It’s the LAW!

Have you moved off campus this year? Looking to recycle your stuff but not finding a recycling bin (as provided by the landlord). Well you are in luck! Read on to find out how you can get a recycling started at your residence!

Per the Ulster County Mandatory Source Separation and Recycling Law, all
residences, businesses and multi-family apartments are required to recycle
the mandated materials – ie cardboard, paper, glass, metal and plastic
containers. They could get fined for not adhering to the law but usually
there is no need to administer such fines. Typically, the Agency procedures
for a property in violation of the law are as follows:

1. Receipt of formal complaint (your complaint is sufficient)
2. Letter sent to violator (along with a copy of recycling instructions and
copy of law as it pertains to the violation)
3. 30 days for the property to become compliant with the law
4. Site inspection of property after the 30 days to confirm recycling

You can contact the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency Recycling Coordinator at
(845) 336-0600


Achieving our sustainability goals with specific results!

Our green efforts at New Paltz have come so far in the last 5 years ,it’s incredible. Recently within the last 2 years NP Facilities Operations has applied for and recieved over 350 thousand dollars from NYSERDA for energy efficient lighting, Energy Studies and  a Solar project (50 kw system on Wellnesss Center) from ARRA funding with a grant Brian Pine applied for last fall.  NYSERDA paid for Energy Studies projects , including our Campus Carbon Footprint and a Bio-Mass Generation System in the Central Heating Plant. We also are in the process of  installing energy metering in most of our buildings; a 2.4 million dollar project 2 years in the making, this will qualify us for yet another rebate from NYSERDA for an additional 56k dollars.

We have come with recycling.! In 2006 NP was reporting 113 tons of recycled materials, we have been able to find ways to improve this, by finding better ways to process, capture, and report all of our recycled materials (including E-Waste, Compost, and Planet Aid). Today we are reporting in excess of 3600 tons on recycled materials. That is really amazing and something we all should be proud of!  We have been written up in the Princton Reveiew,  Kaplan Best Colleges List, the State Electronics Challenge and others. We have several plans for more energy reductions, one of which is a project through Central Hudson that will bring over $250,000.00 worth of lighting upgrades to our Athletic and Wellness Center and Elting Gym that will be paid for through the Systems Benifit Charge (SBC)!

Wow! Thank you to Brian Pine for this great summary and to Facilities for all the hard work they have done to make these results a reality!




Hello and welcome back to our incoming freshman and returning students!

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