Interested in joining the recycling crew?
This is a meeting for anyone interested in joining Recycling Club. This club is not only focused on recycling but concerned with environmental issues and making improvements on the SUNY New Paltz campus.

Recycling Club is fun as well as interesting and we are looking for more people to join this year. Everyone has opinions and we would love to hear them so please come to our general interest meeting to see what we’re all about!

If you have any questions feel free to write on the event wall or email us at: newpaltzrecycles@gmail.com

There is also another general interest meeting on 9/14 at 7:30pm in SU 408 so if that time/date works better for you then let us know or come to both if you like!

GI MEETING Monday, September 19 · 7:30pm – 8:30pm  SU 408

A Farewell Post!

Dear Green Thinking Blog Readers and New Paltz Recycles Supporters,

Thank you so very much for your time, dedication and interest over the past three years! Being the New Paltz Recycling Coordinator has sure been a great ride. Improving the recycling program has been rewarding in so many ways; some of my best New Paltz memories were found through this position. I will so miss every aspect of the job from my messy office and creating brand new social events to designing crazy posters and all the running around to get it done!

The new NP Recycles Team is incredible and I trust the program will continue to build upon it’s successes! Stay Green!

Signing off,

Lauren Brois