RecycleMania Week 5 and 6 scores and fun announcement!

RecycleMania Week 5:


1st place: Scudder Hall with 3.798*!

2nd place: Lenape Hall with 3.085*

3rd place: DuBois Hall with 3.071*

4th place: College/Shango with 2.887*

5th place: LeFevre Hall with 2.630*

6th place: Capen Hall with 2.480*

7th place: Bevier Hall with 2.473*

8th place: Bouton Hall with 2.416*

9th place: Esopus Hall with 2.388*

10th place: Bliss Hall with 2.179*

11th place: Deyo Hall with 2.165*

12th place: Crispell Hall with 1.993*

13th place: Gage Hall with 1.894*


RecycleMania Week 6:

1st place: Scudder Hall with 2.919*

2nd place: Lenape Hall with 2.709*

3rd place: Bevier Hall with 2.573*

4th place: Capen Hall with 2.557*

5th place: Esopus Hall with 2.431*

6th place: College/Shango with 2.388*

7th place: DuBois Hall with 2.150*

8th place: Deyo Hall with 2.137*

9th place: Bliss Hall with 2.054*

10th place: Gage Hall with 2.007*

11th place: Bouton Hall with 1.964*

12th place: Crispell Hall with 1.880*

13th place: LeFevre Hall with 1.859*


Sorry for the delay! The fun announcement is Recycling Club will be having the Earth Day Carnival again this year! It will be on Monday April 23rd from 5pm to 7pm. This carnival will have lots of environmentally themed games and some really great prizes and it’s free!


*=pounds per person



More Green in the Garden

Every garden can be beautiful and thriving while staying away from harsh chemicals. With these alternative gardening ideas your garden can look green and gorgeous through natural weed killers and fertilizers. Also through clever layering of natural materials you can reduce how often you water your garden.

Killing Weeds: Instead of using harsh chemicals you can easily kill weeds by pouring hot water on them. Another alternative is combining white vinegar with a pinch of salt and liquid dish soap to create a weed killer. Also, by strategically planting your garden you can naturally repel pests, certain plants function as a weed repellent.


Fertilizer: A major component of gardening is fertilizing and normally at this stage many people turn to a chemical fertilizer but that is not necessary. Two replacements for chemical garden fertilizers are humus or grass clippings. Humus is what is produced from a compost pile and contains many nutrients. An added bonus is humus can be bought or you can make it yourself by making your own compost pile. By combining food scraps and lawn/garden clippings into a pile and turning it regularly you are creating nutrient-rich humus and it didn’t cost you a thing! Grass clippings are also rich in nutrients which will help your plants grow to their fullest potential.


Watering: Every garden needs to be watered on a regular basis but taking simple steps to retain moisture and help insulate your plants can help reduce how often you water your garden and save water. By beginning with a layer of compost or grass clippings then adding a layer of mulch will help reduce weed growth, insulate your plants, and the plants will retain much more water. 


I hope these tips are helpful and your garden grows to be fantastic, and plentiful in harvest if you are planting fruits or vegetables.


RecycleMania Week 4 Scores!

What have you been doing to help your hall win RecycleMania? Any recycling questions? Comment on this blog!

Here are the scores for Week 4 of RecycleMania:
1st place is Scudder Hall with 3.088*
2nd place is College/Shango Hall with 2.837*
3rd place is Lenape Hall with 2.750*
4th place is Capen Hall with 2.631*
5th place is Bliss Hall with 2.406*
6th place is Bevier Hall with 2.375*
7th place is Esopus Hall with 2.354*
8th place is Deyo Hall with 2.311*
9th place is Crispell Hall with 2.277*
10th place is DuBois Hall with 2.173*
11th place is LeFevre Hall with 2.014*
12th place is Bouton Hall with 1.856*
13th place is Gage Hall with 1.821*
*=pounds per person

Each week is a new beginning and keep up the recycling!