Week 8 & Final Recycling Rates for RecycleMania 2012!

Hello fellow green thinkers,


This year has been the most exciting RecycleMania competition SUNY New Paltz has ever participated in! The recycling rates were double what they were last year! Each residence hall held programs inspired by the tournament and really helped to make RecycleMania such a success this year. I want to thank everyone who participated, recycled, and encouraged others to recycle. Each person contributes to RecycleMania by recycling even one plastic bottle and the numbers from this year really show how much recycling is recognized on the SUNY New Paltz campus.


SUNY New Paltz recycled 45,268.7 pounds of material during the 2012 RecycleMania Tournament!!


Week 8 Recycling Rates for All Residence Halls:

1st place: Scudder Hall with 2.96*

2nd place: Bevier Hall with 2.76*

3rd place: Lenape Hall with 2.73*

4th place: Capen Hall with 2.63*

5th place: DuBois Hall with 2.61*

6th place: College/Shango Hall with 2.55*

7th place: Esopus Hall with 2.45*

8th place: Deyo Hall with 2.25*

9th place: Bliss Hall with 2.12*

10th place: Gage Hall with 2.07*

11th place: Bouton Hall with 2.06*

12th place: LeFevre Hall with 1.90*

13th place: Crispell Hall with 1.76*



1st place: Scudder Hall with 2.94*

2nd place: Lenape Hall with 2.56*

3rd place: College/ Shango Hall with 2.41*

4th place: Capen Hall with 2.29*

5th place: Bevier Hall with 2.25*

6th place: Esopus Hall with 2.21*

7th place: DuBois Hall with 2.20*

8th place: Bliss Hall with 2.11*

9th place: LeFevre Hall with 1.93*

10th place: Deyo Hall with 1.90*

11th place: Bouton Hall with 1.78*

12th place: Crispell Hall with 1.77*

13th place: Gage Hall with 1.75*

*=pounds per person


EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: Recycling Club will once again be having the Earth Day Carnival! The carnival will take place on April 23rd from 5pm to 7pm on the Student Union Concourse. There will be fun games, popcorn, cotton candy, and great prizes and IT’S ALL FREE! So invite your friends and come celebrate the Earth with us!

Here is the Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/209735612463669/

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One thought on “Week 8 & Final Recycling Rates for RecycleMania 2012!

  1. Hi! You are doing wonderful green things on your campus and in your community! BRAVO! It’s really great to see your efforts and hear about your events. Clearwater – based in Beacon and a Hudson Valley icon for over 40 years – is looking to recruit volunteers to work at our Music and Environmental festival, the Great Hudson River Revival this June 16th and 17th. Is there a way the New Paltz Green Team could promote our festival and the great Green volunteering possibilities we have available? We have a Zero Waste committee that needs 80 volunteers…. would anyone like to participate in helping to make the environmental awareness event ZERO WASTE? I sure hope so! Contact me – Linda – at the Clearwater office: Linda@clearwater.org, 845-265 -8080 x 7105. We would love your help (and the music is AWESOME!)!