Exciting News!

There are many exciting things happening in the SUNY New Paltz recycling world!


First, we are expanding our Terracycle program to now include candy wrappers! Last fall Recycling Club started the SUNY New Paltz Terracycle program with decorated cardboard boxes where people could deposit their  empty chip bags. Now we have official Terracycle bins that will be in most academic buildings and in all of the residence halls within the next couple of weeks. The program has come a long way in a short time and last year we collected 443 chip bags! Each of those bags turns into $0.02 raised for a charity and are saved from a lifetime in a landfill and repurposed into new products. Who would of thought that chip bags could do so much?


More exciting changes! All of the residence halls on campus have now switched to single stream recycling! This means no more sorting your recyclables! All recycling, paper, plastic, cans, and cardboard all goes into one convenient bin. However, it’s important to remember that the bin is still RECYCLING ONLY which trash still goes in a trash bin. The recycling bin now looks a bit different, it has a green bottom and a yellow top and can be seen behind all of the residence halls.

Final piece of exciting news! Recycling Club is

having our annual General Interest meeting next week! The meeting is Wednesday September 19th at 8pm in SU 408 and includes free food! If you’re reading this blog then you are definitely interested in recycling and the environment and should come check out Recycling Club! Join the Facebook event here:¬†http://www.facebook.com/events/411536168908398/


Stay tuned for more exciting news to come and thanks for reading!

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