An Exciting Week!

Recycled Craft Night

This past Tuesday was Recycling Club’s first Recycled Craft Night! This was an event where people could make their own crafts out of recycled or used items. The crafts included making bracelets from old coffee cups, keepsake boxes out of old cd cases, decorative door flowers from plastic cups, and more!

The event was lots of fun for everyone and included a presentation on upcycling from one of Recycling Club’s vice presidents, Melissa. We thank everyone who came to or helped out with the event and hope to see you at our next event!


Reuse Center

This past Wednesday was the grand opening of the New Paltz ReUse Center. This new center is a division of the New Paltz Recycling Center and was funded by grants from both the DEC and the EPA. This center was opened as part of New Paltz’s commitment to become a zero waste community. The center takes old or extra/unwanted items from local businesses or residents and sells them at a low price, similar to a large scale garage sale.


This center is a great addition to the community and especially the campus community. This center is a new resource for students, such as art majors who could use the supplies for sculptures or any student who may be looking for some furnishings for a new apartment.

The center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 4:30pm and the phone number is (845) 255-8456. This ReUse Center was made possible by many volunteers and the passion of those at the New Paltz Recycling Center. So go check it out and spread the word!


Also, here is the Facebook page for the New Paltz Recycling Center:


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