Recycling Resolutions

Happy New Year!


With each new year a lot of us are trying to make some positive changes in our life and there are some minor, recycling-related changes that could really make a big impact!

Some ideas are:

  • Bring your lunch to school or work. You can use Tupperware and they even make reusable sandwich bags that can be cleaned and used again!
  • If you need to choose paper products like toilet paper or paper towels then choose ones made from recycled paper and save some trees!
  • Use a reusable water bottle. By not buying bottled water you’re saving money too!
  • Once the weather is nicer, ride a bike to work or school. A good way to relax, enjoy nature and help preserve it.
  • Recycle old chip bags and candy wrappers through the Terracycle program. There are bins in every residence hall and most academic buildings.
  • Bring your own reusable coffee mug when buying coffee or hot chocolate. Coffee is only $0.95 when using a reusable cup as opposed to $1.70 when using a disposable cup.
  • Wash out all of your recycling and take the caps off of bottles before putting these items in a recycling bin.
  • Recycle more paper like receipts, old paper bags, and junk mail.
  • Go paperless with your schoolwork this semester and bring your computer to class with you to write notes and look up readings for class without having to print them out.
  • Re-purpose something that no longer has a use. For example, Recycling Club found a way to make a box out of old CD cases which can be used to store desk supplies or anything that will fit!
  • Bring a fork and knife with you when eating on campus instead of using disposable flatware.


These are just a few ideas so comment on this blog post with your ideas for recycling resolutions!

These small changes help to reduce our carbon footprint!