RecycleMania Week 3 Scores!

The first three weeks have flown by! This year’s tournament is a close race with some of the halls having a difference of 0.01 pounds per person between their weekly scores so every piece of recycling counts!

This past week in RecycleMania RA Ryan of Bouton Hall held a program on how to make piggy banks out of plastic bottles. By using a reusable coffee cup you can save up to $0.30 per coffee so you can use your new piggy bank to hold all of the money you’ll save by reusing. Recycling Club will be hosting a coffee cup consumption demonstration on March 7th from 10am to 2pm so stay tuned for the location! We will also be giving away FREE reusable coffee mugs!



Week 3 Scores:

1st place: Lenape Hall with 3.97*
2nd place: Capen Hall with 3.92*
3rd place: Esopus Hall with 3.75*
4th place: Bliss Hall with 3.65*
5th place: Bevier Hall with 3.59*
6th place: Crispell Hall with 3.56*
7th/8th place: Deyo Hall and Scudder Hall with 3.54*
9th place: DuBois Hall with 3.51*
10th place: LeFevre Hall with 3.50*
11th place: College/Shango Hall with 3.49*
12th place: Bouton Hall with 3.13*
13th place: Gage Hall with 3.04*

* = pounds per person (including compost from Hasbrouck Dining Hall)

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