RecycleMania Week 6 and The Green Life!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we’ve completed Week 6 of the 2013 RecycleMania Tournament. There is a total of 8 weeks in the RecycleMania Tournament but unfortunately the 8th week is during spring break for SUNY New Paltz so this week is the last week! All the residence halls have had programs surrounding RecycleMania and there a few programs happening this week as well.


Here are the residence hall scores for Week 6:

1st place: Capen Hall with 4.5*

2nd place: Shango/College Hall with 4.49*

3rd place: Esopus Hall with 4.46*

4th place: Lenape Hall with 4.26*

5th/6th place: Crispell and Bliss Hall with 4.17*

7th place: Scudder Hall with 4.13*

8th place: Bevier Hall with 4.09*

9th place: Deyo Hall with 4.08*

10th place: Dubois Hall with 4.05*

11th place: Lefevre Hall with 4.00*

12th place: Bouton Hall with 3.66*

13th place: Gage Hall with 3.64*

* = a combination of recycling per person in the residence halls and composting from Hasbrouck Dining Hall136


Another recycling-related event was The Green Life event hosted by Recycling Club this past Monday night. This event was modeled after The Game of Life but with a sustainability theme. Eight different clubs and organizations competed against each other for the grand prize, a $200 Visa gift card, along with smaller gift cards as the rewards to challenges. There was free food from campus catering services and KDPhi NAS ran Alex’s Lemonade Stand and all of the proceeds go to a great charity. The event very successful and teams seem to have a fun time playing through our version of life. We held two rounds of the game to allow more organizations to participate and the winning organizations are the Geology Club and Autism Speaks. Thank you to everyone who made this event a success! To see more pictures from this event go to Facebook and become a fan of the “New Paltz Recycles” page!



One last thing, Recycling Club is proud to announce that we will be having the 4th Annual Earth Day Carnival on Earth Day(April 22nd) this year! The event will be from 4pm to 7pm on the SU Concourse (weather permitting). So mark your calendars!

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