End of RecycleMania 2013

Hello fellow recyclers!


I’m sorry for this update being a little late, we have been excitingly preparing for the Earth Day Carnival! I am a little sad to announce that the 2013 RecycleMania tournament ended on March 30th. Since the week before the final day was SUNY New Paltz’s spring break that week is not counted in the overall standings of the competition because a majority of the student population left the campus for the week.


Here are the results of Week 7 of RecycleMania:

1st place: Lenape Hall with 4.57*

2nd place: Capen Hall with 4.56*

3rd place: College/Shango Hall with 4.38*

4th place: Esopus Hall with 4.35*

5th place: Bliss Hall with 4.28*

6th place: Scudder Hall with 4.27*

7th/8th place: Bevier Hall and Crispell Hall with 4.22*

9th place: Deyo Hall with 4.19*

10th place: DuBois Hall with 4.16*

11th place: LeFevre Hall with 4.13*

12th place: Bouton Hall with 3.70*

13th place: Gage Hall with 3.67*


FINAL RECYCLEMANIA RESULTS: (These are the cumulative results of 7 weeks)

1st place: Capen Hall with 29.38*

2nd place: Lenape Hall with 28.99*

3rd place: Esopus Hall with 27.87*

4th place: College/Shango Hall with 27.59*

5th place: Bevier Hall with 27.53*

6th place: Scudder Hall with 27.52*

7th place: Bliss Hall with 27.47*

8th place: Crispell Hall with 27.27*

9th place: Deyo Hall with 26.94*

10th place: DuBois Hall with 26.80*

11th place: LeFevre Hall with 26.46*

12th place: Bouton Hall with 24.24*

13th place: Gage Hall with 24.08*


This year’s competition was so close! I want to thank Recycling Club, Facilities, Residence Hall Student Association and everyone else who helped make this year’s competition the best one yet!


Next on the Recycling Club agenda is the Earth Day Carnival! This is the 4th year we’re having this event and we think this year will ┬ábe the greatest because we are finally having it actually on Earth Day! We will be having lots of fun and recycling-related games that anyone can play to win tickets and put those tickets towards some great prizes. We are looking for organizations to run our game booths so if you’re involved on campus and would like to help out with the Earth Day Carnival then email us at: newpaltzrecycles@gmail.com, we would love to have you! Even if you can’t run a game booth you should come to the Earth Day Carnival and bring your friends! We’ll also be having live music by DJ Hittamixxx and free popcorn and cotton candy!


See you there!

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