RecycleMania Weeks 1 and 2

RecycleMania is now into Week 3!!


The following numbers are a combination of the recycling per person in each hall and an equal amount of composting added to each hall’s score from Hasbrouck Dining Hall.


During Week 1 of RecycleMania 2,549.3 pounds of material were recycled! In Week 2 there were 2,666.4 pounds of material recycled! Each week we’re improving so keep on recycling!

Week 1

1st place: Bevier Hall with 3.88

2nd place: Lenape Hall with 3.75

3rd place: Crispell Hall with 3.55

4th place: Capen Hall with 3.52

5th place: College/Shango with 3.48

6th place: Esopus Hall with 3.41

7th place: Deyo Hall with 3.37

8th place: Scudder Hall with 3.36

9th place: Bliss Hall with 3.35

10th/11th place: DuBois and LeFevre Hall with 3.33

12th place: Gage Hall with 3.20

13th place: Bouton Hall with 3.13


Week 2

1st place: Scudder Hall with 3.73

2nd place: Capen Hall with 3.70

3rd place: Esopus Hall with 3.60

4th place: Lenape Hall with 3.58

5th place: Bliss Hall with 3.45

6th place: College/Shango Hall with 3.44

7th place: Deyo Hall with 3.39

8th place: DuBois Hall with 3.37

9th place: Crispell Hall with 3.34

10th place: Bevier Hall with 3.30

11th place: LeFevre Hall with 3.29

12th place: Gage Hall with 3.11

13th place: Bouton Hall with 3.10


If you would like to get more involved with RecycleMania and recycling awareness on campus then join Recycling Club! We meet on Mondays at 7:30pm in SU 407 and anyone is welcome to join at any time!


Hello fellow recyclers!


Today is the first day of the RecycleMania 2013 tournament!


This is the 5th year of the tournament at SUNY New Paltz and there is an exciting changes this year. The difference between last year’s competition and this year’s RecycleMania is the residence halls now have single stream recycling! This means that all recycling goes into one bin (no sorting!). The new bins are green with a yellow top. Some residence halls still have the blue bins but they are also single stream bins now. An important thing to remember with this new kind of recycling is that there is still no trash allowed in the bins!

FACT: If a recycling bin has more than 10% contamination (trash, food, etc. ) then the contents of the bin need to be thrown out.


What to put in the single stream recycling bins:

  • Cans,  glass, bottles (without the caps)
  • Plastics with #s 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7
  • Paper products (including paperboard like cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, etc.)
  • Cardboard


What NOT to put in the single stream recycling bins:

  • Orange juice or milk cartons
  • Pizza boxes
  • Black plastic containers
  • Plastic bags
  • Food
  • Chip bags and candy wrappers (those go in the Terracycle bin!)


Also, any electronics, batteries, and old lightbulbs can go to the RA office in your residence hall.


RecycleMania starts today and goes to March 30th so get involved!


There are many ways to get involved with the RecycleMania tournament starting with recycling as much as you can! Even if you do not live on campus you help SUNY New Paltz everyday by recycling on campus. If you do live on campus, attend a RecycleMania themed program or you could even start your own! Another way to get involved is to join Recycling Club! We meet every Monday at 7:30pm in SU 407 and we’re having a General Interest Meeting on February 11th. Anyone could join at anytime so don’t worry if you can’t make it to the General Interest meeting. We will also be tabling outside of SU100 Monday and Tuesday from 11am to 2pm and we’ll be at the Club and Involvement Fair this Thursday from 11am to 3pm!  Hope to see you there and good luck recycling!

Recycling Resolutions

Happy New Year!


With each new year a lot of us are trying to make some positive changes in our life and there are some minor, recycling-related changes that could really make a big impact!

Some ideas are:

  • Bring your lunch to school or work. You can use Tupperware and they even make reusable sandwich bags that can be cleaned and used again!
  • If you need to choose paper products like toilet paper or paper towels then choose ones made from recycled paper and save some trees!
  • Use a reusable water bottle. By not buying bottled water you’re saving money too!
  • Once the weather is nicer, ride a bike to work or school. A good way to relax, enjoy nature and help preserve it.
  • Recycle old chip bags and candy wrappers through the Terracycle program. There are bins in every residence hall and most academic buildings.
  • Bring your own reusable coffee mug when buying coffee or hot chocolate. Coffee is only $0.95 when using a reusable cup as opposed to $1.70 when using a disposable cup.
  • Wash out all of your recycling and take the caps off of bottles before putting these items in a recycling bin.
  • Recycle more paper like receipts, old paper bags, and junk mail.
  • Go paperless with your schoolwork this semester and bring your computer to class with you to write notes and look up readings for class without having to print them out.
  • Re-purpose something that no longer has a use. For example, Recycling Club found a way to make a box out of old CD cases which can be used to store desk supplies or anything that will fit!
  • Bring a fork and knife with you when eating on campus instead of using disposable flatware.


These are just a few ideas so comment on this blog post with your ideas for recycling resolutions!

These small changes help to reduce our carbon footprint!

An Exciting Week!

Recycled Craft Night

This past Tuesday was Recycling Club’s first Recycled Craft Night! This was an event where people could make their own crafts out of recycled or used items. The crafts included making bracelets from old coffee cups, keepsake boxes out of old cd cases, decorative door flowers from plastic cups, and more!

The event was lots of fun for everyone and included a presentation on upcycling from one of Recycling Club’s vice presidents, Melissa. We thank everyone who came to or helped out with the event and hope to see you at our next event!


Reuse Center

This past Wednesday was the grand opening of the New Paltz ReUse Center. This new center is a division of the New Paltz Recycling Center and was funded by grants from both the DEC and the EPA. This center was opened as part of New Paltz’s commitment to become a zero waste community. The center takes old or extra/unwanted items from local businesses or residents and sells them at a low price, similar to a large scale garage sale.


This center is a great addition to the community and especially the campus community. This center is a new resource for students, such as art majors who could use the supplies for sculptures or any student who may be looking for some furnishings for a new apartment.

The center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 4:30pm and the phone number is (845) 255-8456. This ReUse Center was made possible by many volunteers and the passion of those at the New Paltz Recycling Center. So go check it out and spread the word!


Also, here is the Facebook page for the New Paltz Recycling Center:


Recycled Craft Night!

The first big Recycling Club event of the year will soon be here! Recycled Craft Night is a collaboration between Recycling Club, Student Arts Alliance, and RHSA. We will be making crafts from some everyday items such as plastic bottles, old t-shirts, cds, and more!


We aim to promote the idea that you can upcycle used items to make a whole new and useful product. To further promote this idea we are having a live sculpture contest! The winner will receive a gift card to Manny’s; to enter or find out more information please email:


This event should be lots of fun and is totally FREE! We will also be having snack food and drinks too! So come and bring a few friends and get crafty! Here is the Facebook page for the event:


Recycled Craft Night is Tuesday October 23rd from 7pm to 9:30pm in SU 62/63!


Hope to see you there!